How To Get Started In Affiliate Marketing

what is affiliate marketing

Affiliate Marketing is an online method of making money by promoting a product or service to a potential customer and then giving that person a link to click on that leads to a sale page. If the person purchases the product or service, you the affiliate earns a commission on that sale. Affiliate marketing is one of the cheapest and easiest ways to earn money online. To get started with affiliate marketing here are my recommended steps:


Register business

It’s a good idea to register a business in the country you live in, so that if you make alot of money, there will be no problems storing that money in a bank or some other financial institution.

Set up a merchant account

The best affiliate programs currently available are generally in the united states, so it’s a good idea to set up a merchant account there. If you do not live in the united states or you are having trouble getting a merchant account despite living  there. I recommend signing up with a service called payoneer, which gives you a u.s merchant account, that is accepted by affiliate networks.

Build a website 

Most affiliate programs require you to have a website when signing up. There are many platforms for building websites, but for affiliate marketing i recommend wordpress. And as far as hosting goes in my opinion sitegound provides the best hosting you will ever need.

Sign up with a reputable affiliate network

This is very important, you to make sure you sign up with a reputable affiliate network so that you get paid properly for all your hard work promoting products or services. Examples of reputable affiliate networks are shareasale, commission junction

Promote products or services

Yes, and the final step is to promte the products or services. This can be done in a number of ways and on a number of platforms. To name a few, email marketing, youtube, facebook, blogging and twitter.

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