5 Signs An Online Store Is Trustworthy

Lets face it, we are living in a digital age. Everything is being done online from buying food, making hotel reservations to selling cars but not everyone is honest as has always been the case. So when using the internet to shop you need to on your guard against online shopping scams. I have been using the internet for many years now doing a number of things and along the way i have gain a fair amount of knowledge, experience and understanding so i would like to share some tips and tricks that i found to be able to distinguish if an e-commerce site is legit before i punch in my credit card details or pay for products by any other means.


Https is a secure extension of http ( hypertext transfer protocol ) in which communication between your browser and a webpage is encrypted. This is important so that hackers, your isp and anyone else eavesdropping cannot see what you type on a webpage, its this technology that makes stuff like online banking possible. You know a site has https usually by a green padlock icon in the address bar and “https” also in the address bar.


Most serious and profitable online stores are offering apps for android and ios that you can download directly from their website for a more comfortable mobile browsing experience. Scam websites generally won’t go through the expense and hassle of setting this up, so an app is a good sign a website is legit.


Another good sign a shopping website is legit is if they have an affiliate program set up with a reputable affiliate network, such as SHAREASALE and COMMISSION JUNCTION. These affiliate networks only work with legitimate businesses, so this is a good indicator a shopping site is trustworthy.


Secure payments are payments which you can ask for a chargeback if you feel unsatisfied with your purchase online. These payment options usually involves the seller opening a merchant account and/or registering with a payment gateway service to qualify. Such payments include credit cards and paypal. Scammers avoid these types of payments and go for unsecure payments like western union, money orders, etc. 


A money back guarantee on a shopping website is another good indicator the website is trustworty. Because one of the main reasons of online scammers is the rob you of your money and a money back guarantee pretty much completely defeats that purpose. Along with the other 4 signs i have written about, this is yet another indicator a website is legit.

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